Reconnect 2017 - Bandung Youth Catholic Ministry

Catholic Youth Retreat Reconnect is a life renewed in Holy Spirit retreat for youth catholic who live in Bandung. Ricardo Sawir helped to design the brochure or flyer, and its stationery designs.

Reconnect 2017 Official Trailer #1

A person holding a brochure or flyer that promotes Bandung Youth Catholic Ministry's retreat called 'Reconnect' in 2017
Reconnect 2017's brochure or flyer design

Reconnect 2017 Official Trailer #2

Reconnect 2017's Staff Identity Card
Reconnect 2017's Staff Identity Card
Reconnect 2017's Shirt Design
Reconnect 2017's Shirt Design


Client: Bandung Catholic Youth Ministry

Graphic Designer: Ricardo Sawir and Lucia Mariana
Motion Designer: Andreas Andika

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