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Umeet enables users to create appointments, invite friends and track their time of attendance. Furthermore, users are able to see who comes early or late on each appointment, so that they can improve their productivity and punctuality together.

Create appointments

Set the time & location for your appointments, whether formal meetings with office colleagues, or casual meetups with friends.



Invite your acquintances to attend the appointment by sharing the invitation via message, mail, or chatting platforms.


Attend &

Members will tap the Attend button on their apps, in which their time of attendance will be recorded.


Who’s the good guy?

View the statistics and see how punctual you are. You can also unlock punctuality achievements and compete with your friends.


Umeet now. Meet later.

Download Umeet now to start building a better lifestyle, as well as improving your productivity in terms of punctuality and promptness. Available on the App Store for free.

Frequently asked questions

Umeet is a mobile application where users are encouraged to be more punctual in attending appointments. It enables users to create appointments, invite attendees, let them attend the appointment, as well as tracking their time of attendance. The app also allow users to view charts representing their punctuality and periodical reports.

You can directly create your account in the Umeet app, or you can choose to sign in with a Gmail Account. Make sure you have filled in all the details regarding your new awesome account.

Host is the team member who initially create the appointment, including all the details. Attendees are the ones who are invited to join the appointment.

Log in into Umeet app, in the home menu, tap the plus button beside the appointments bar. You can input all the details, i.e title, schedule, location and notes in the edit appointment menu. Rewards or disciplinary actions could be set in the notes area.

After creating the appointment, you can direcly invite attendees via sharing codes through other platforms. They will get a notification to join it in their app.

As an attendee, make sure you have downloaded Umeet in your phone. Visit the URL that was shared by the host. You will be redirected to the app, then you can see the meeting details.

In the home menu, after joining existing appointmens, you can access all of your upcoming appointments. Tap the card you want to attend, and tap "Attend Now" button. Your mobile phone will search for the host via bluetooth services.

Tap retry, make sure your mobile phones and your host's are in good connection. Sometimes, connection can be differed due to bluetooth or wi-fi connection.

The former host can appoint other attendees as the new host. Tap the appointment, then tap on View Attendees. Below the attendees list, tap one atttendee who you would like to appoint as the new host.

As a host, you can remove attendee by tapping the appointment, then tap on View Attendees. Below the attendees list, tap the attendee who would you like to be removed.

In the appointment stats inside the appointment details page, you can see all status of the attendees. "Early" for coming before the scheduled time, "on time" for coming within 10 minutes of the scheduled time, and "late" for coming after 10 minutes of the scheduled time.

The consequences always refer to the notes and agendas which has been aggreed, when the appointment is created.

In the tab bar, you can see all of your statistics in the stats menu, such as percentage of promptness and certain achievements.

in the statistic menu, tap view history. You can view all of your former appointments.

In the tab bar, tap settings menu, go to account, you can see all of the details of the account. Tap reset password, and we will send you a verification email to reset your password.

In the log in view, tap on 'forgot password' under the log in button. We will send you an email to reset your password.

In the setting menu, tap on appointment reminder. You can adjust the reminder timer based on your preferences.

Make sure you have downloaded Umeet in your phone and your watch. On the Apple Watch, you can view the details of the upcoming appointments, including accept new invitations. Also, you can pair with the host using your watch.

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Umeet is developed to improve your quality of life. That is why we would always love to hear on how we could help you better. Please drop in your feedbacks, suggestions, bug reports, or anything else through our e-mail or Instagram account below.