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Hi Friends, My Name is Ricardo Sawir

I have been doing designs since 2016.
I work with some of my friends and also with the friends of my friends.


Graphic design has helped humanity for thousands of years. It has been used even when humanity started to communicate with each other. From the cave painting, to using sign language such as arrows.

However, the applications of graphic design grows every time.
Almost everyone uses graphic design products in one way or another. For example: Logo, Business Cards, Brochure, Billboard advertising, and many more.

Therefore, I set out to help people who need graphic design, either to sell things, explain things, make things look better, make people laugh, make people cry, and (every once in a while) change the world.

Here's the services I offer to you:


I started from helping a friends of mine. And then, in my local community, a prayer group, I was entrusted (and still is, thankfully) help them to reach more people with my graphic design skill.

I started from creating posters, logos, brochure, social medias for my friends, and they love what I make for them.

Then, I was referred to the friends of my friends. You can see the list of my friends and clients who have worked with me:

Astra International's logo
Rumah Sakit Universitas Mataram's logo
Vivaldy Skin Clinic's logo
Digital Airport hotel's logo
Habitat Hills' logo
Jakpod Hotel's logo
Indonesia Ministry of Communication and Informatic's logo
OSKM ITB 2015's logo
PesonaEdu's logo
Bandung Youth Catholic Ministry's logo
Catholic Family Ministry's logo
Conroe Church of God's logo
HOPE House of Praise's logo
Katolik Media's logo
KatolikVidGram's logo
Sanmareku's logo
Youth in Christ's logo
BBDO Indonesia's logo
Brilio's logo
Capsule Indonesia's logo
Matjak's logo
Caregivr's logo
Kiki Maria Professional Make Up Artist's logo
Stockasstic's logo
Umeet's logo

I am grateful for being a designer...

And I hope my story inspires you to do great things with your gifts.
If you're interested to collaborate with me, you can contact me and I'm all ears to your ideas and projects.

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